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Mississippi, Believe It!
... was created for you … the people of Mississippi.

The materials represented on this site were created to share little-known facts about our great state … and the people who make it great.

Advertisers may download and run the PSAs free of charge. Corporations may use them to inform clients, prospects and potential employees about the wonderful state in which you have chosen to locate.

Note: These materials are to be used strictly for informational and educational purposes. The images may not be used in any shape, form or fashion to create revenue, nor are they to be sold for monetary gain.
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Resource Links
Mississippi Library Commission
> Visit Website: mlc.lib.ms.us
Mississippi Writers, Musicians, Actors & Artists
> Visit Website: shs.starkville.k12.ms.us
The Mississippi Writers Page
> Visit Website: Olemiss.edu
Famous Mississippians
> Visit Website: 50States.com
> Visit Website: OceanSprings.org
130 Mississippi Facts
> Visit Website: VisitMississippi.org